About this Demo Site

This is the demo site for LoDoPage Virtual Conference Solution

Virtual conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops and trainings made easy. It is Affordable, Effective, Simple and Safe. It can be customised according to your requirements and in language(s) of your preference.

All features, layout and design demonstrated in this demo site is customisable according to the requirements. Yet, you can be sure that all the contents are safe, and will not be download by participants or any visitors.

How to Use this Demo Site

Please feel free to click on the items in the menu and at the sidebar to explore the features.

In order to demonstrate the content control and content security, please use the two login credentials as listed below to explore.

Login 1:

Username: demobasic

Password: vdemo123

Login 2:

Username: demopro

Password: vdemo123